Q. Why should I give when I already pay tuition?

Tuition, along with our endowment income,​ ​covers day-to-day operational costs of​ ​Wichita Collegiate School, including​ ​salaries and benefits, instructional​ ​expenses, and facility maintenance. Like​ ​most independent schools across the​ ​country, Collegiate works hard to keep​ ​tuition costs reasonable and competitive.​ ​While tuition increases are inevitable,​ ​philanthropic giving through the Collegiate​ ​Annual Fund Effort (CAFÉ) allows us to​ ​say “yes!” to programs and projects not​ ​included in the operational budget but​ ​deemed essential by Administration for the​ ​future success of WCS.

Q. Why is my participation important?

100% of Wichita Collegiate School’s​ ​Board of Trustees and ​more than 90% of ​faculty and staff​ ​have given to the CAFÉ over the last​ nine years. Strong participation from​ ​our parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni​ ​parents, and other community members​ ​signifies your belief in and support of our​ ​mission and a commitment to the current​ ​and future viability of the school.

Q. Is it worth it if I can only make a small gift?

Yes! Last year, gifts to the CAFÉ ranged​ ​from $1 to $100,000. We encourage​ ​you to give at a level meaningful to​ ​your family. Given the importance of​ ​WCS in your family’s life, we hope you​ ​will make WCS and the CAFÉ your top​ ​philanthropic priority.

Q. Can I direct my gift to a specific program or project?

Unrestricted gifts are preferable so they​ ​can be used to meet the immediate needs of the school. If you wish to​ ​restrict your gift, please contact the​ ​Advancement Office.

Q. What are the way to give?

Gifts are accepted as: cash, check, or​ ​credit card; gifts of stock; company​ ​matching gifts; or gifts in kind.

Q. What are the Terms of Service?

As a donor participating in Wichita Collegiate School's Day of Giving, I understand the Terms of Service as outlined below including my personal roles and responsibilities.

  1. I understand that only donations made through this Day of Giving website will count towards prizes and incentives offered as part of the Day of Giving.
  2. I understand that Wichita Collegiate Shcool will receive all monies donated.
  3. I understand that GiveGab.com is an online platform which will safely process all contributions made to Wichita Collegiate School.
  4. I understand that all gifts given on Day of Giving will go toward the Collegiate Annual Fund Effort (CAFE), unrestricted, unless expressly communicated to and confirmed by the WCS Advancement Staff. This includes any gifts given in honor or memory of someone.